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2023 Goals as a Company - May 2023

This year started with a boom. The industry is in a frenzy—containers in and out & in and out. With business starting to slow down a little, I figured this would be a great time to slow down and reflect. Reflect on what we have achieved so far and what goals are still in our minds as we come near the mid of the year. Firstly, we introduced our brand new website in April 2023. Our website before was unusable and was likely doing more harm than good. With new management underway at TMT Freight, we wanted a more modern solution to our online presence. With our new online presence, we are able to connect further with existing customers and allow new customers an easy entry to working with us. One of our goals is to learn Google SEO skills and really perfect them for TMT Freight.

Fun Fact: Our old website is the same age as this truck (2007)

Secondly, we have been restoring our Google business profile. In our new solution for a better online presence, one thing we planned to take over was our Google business profile (you know that card that pops up when you search "TMT Freight" on Google). Although, things haven't been going as smoothly as expected. Google doesn't seem to want to verify my account to run TMT's business profile because they want the previous owner to transfer ownership. Lucky for us, our previous owner doesn't remember the account info. Great! *NOTE: We have placed protocols and organization to not allow for such minor errors again. Hence, the new management at TMT Freight. With our new team, we hope to achieve great things and help take TMT Freight to the next level. This new team has already allowed TMT Freight to offer new Warehouse Solutions and much more.

Okay, so we have created new Warehouse Solutions and working on a better online presence, what else do we have planned you may be thinking?

This is just the beginning.

We ultimately want to automate and enhance. A big goal on the horizon for us will be going paperless soon and shifting operations to use electronic devices. With the reduced amount of paper waste, this will result in, we will be doing a big part in reducing our carbon footprint.

Big investments in software tools. Excel is a great starting platform for management tools. Although, moving to bigger projects requires efficient, faster, and easier management tools. We understand with our big goals for the future this will require some investment in our software tools.

TMT Freight already uses tools such as Profit Tools and GEOTAB, for work orders and dispatch services. TMT Freight has its own heavy-duty truck technicians and these techs need specific software to run diagnostics and calibration. TMT is still currently in search of the best truck diagnostic tools...

A.I is going to be the end of humanity !!!!!!!!!!!

no. Welcoming change is encouraged at TMT Freight and with new advancements in the A.I sector, the leading industries will need to adapt. This is why TMT Freight stays up to date with the newest technical advancements to bring our customers the most modern and easiest solutions.

*How A.I helps us be more efficient coming soon in a later blog.

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